Astralis beat Entropiq and reached the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 15

The Astralis team defeated Entropiq with a score of 2:1 and reached the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 15. Here the Danish team will meet with FURIA, which became the best team in the group stage of the competition.

The confrontation between Astralis and Entropiq started on the Nuke map, which became the choice of the Danish team. However, the initial advantage went to the Entropiq players, who managed to realize themselves in defense, finishing the half with a score of 9:6. After switching sides, the Russian team continued to stick to its line, surprising the opponent over and over again with quick attacks on the spot. Nevertheless, at some point, Astralis managed to turn on and return to the game to make a comeback, and then pull out a victory on the first map — 16:14.

Next, the teams moved to the Vertigo map, which became Entropiq's choice. Here the Russian team showed an extremely confident start, having managed to run far ahead. However, at the end of the first half, Astralis managed to return to the game, taking five rounds in a row, and at the same time securing a minimal lead in the score — 8:7. After switching sides, Entropiq players managed to quickly restore the status quo and take the lead, at some point claiming to be defeated. And yet, the Danes managed to make a comeback in the very end, transferring the fate of the map to overtime. Here Entropiq still managed to put the squeeze on the opponent, thereby equalizing the score in the series — 19:15.

Everything was decided on the Overpass map, where the Danes, having confidently started for defense, managed to knock out a twofold advantage before switching sides. In the second half, the game took on a completely different scenario, as Entropiq began to quickly bounce back, taking the opponent's exits over and over again. And yet, in the very ending, Astralis managed to wake up and show several successful rounds in order to snatch victory and reach the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 15 — 16:14.

Intermediate results of ESL Pro League Season 15


ESL Pro League Season 15 runs from March 9 to April 10 in Dusseldorf. 24 teams are fighting for a prize pool of $823,000, as well as a ticket to the BLAST World Final 2022, which will go to the winner.