FaZe Clan will play with NAVI in the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 15

The FaZe Clan team outplayed Players with a score of 2:1 and advanced to the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 15. Now the team will face NAVI, which finished the group stage of the championship without a single defeat.

The duel between FaZe Clan and Players started on the Inferno map, which became the choice of the European team. At the same time, FaZe Clan players almost instantly seized the initiative on the server, constantly swinging the opponent's defense, even despite the failures in the starting duels. As a result, FaZe Clan easily closed the half with a score of 11:4, having actually resolved all issues in advance. After the switch of sides, karrigan and the company only confirmed their dominance on the map, completing a rout at their peak — 16:4.

Next, the teams moved to the Mirage map, which became the Players' choice. Here, the Russian team already had the advantage, actually starting on the map with a score of 8:1. Closer to the end of the half, FaZe Clan players managed to reduce the gap to five rounds, regaining their chances for a comeback. However, after the change of sides, the Players team did not allow the opponent to open up, completing six confident rounds in defense, thanks to which they equalized the score in this series - 16:5.

Everything was decided on the Overpass map, where the teams gradually exchanged a series of won rounds. However, at the end of the half, not without the help of a beautiful clutch from interz c Desert Eagle, the Players team gained a minimal advantage. However, in the second half, the Russian team failed to open up in attack, while FaZe Clan players showed exemplary defense. As a result, karrigan and the company confidently closed the desider and made it to the quarterfinals of the competition — 16:9.

Intermediate results of ESL Pro League Season 15


ESL Pro League Season 15 runs from March 9 to April 10 in Dusseldorf. 24 teams are fighting for a prize pool of $823,000, as well as a ticket to the BLAST World Final 2022, which will go to the winner.