NAVI and Astralis got their first victories at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021

The last quarterfinals of BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 have ended, following which NAVI and Astralis won their first championship victories. At the same time, BIG and NIP went to the lower bracket, where they will play against FaZe Clan and Team Liquid, respectively.


In the third quarter-final, a face-to-face meeting took place between the NAVI and BIG teams. The match started on the map Dust 2, which became the choice of the German team. However, “Born to Win” did not feel the attack of the “hosts” at all, showing an exemplary game for defense, in fact, resolving all issues before switching sides. At the same time, NAVI also had enough sense in attack to close the opponent's peak and come out ahead in this series - 16: 4.

Then the teams moved to the Nuke map. What is most interesting, the German team managed to show their character by imposing a defense on NAVI. However, after the change of sides, BIG did not manage to show its attack, over and over again resting on the reinforced concrete defense from NAVI. As a result, "Born to Win" easily and naturally closed the streak, having won the first victory in the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 - 16:11.

Note that after this victory, NAVI will advance to the semifinals of the upper bracket, where they will meet with the Danish team Heroic.

NIP - Astralis

In the final quarterfinals, an extremely principled meeting took place. And if the Swedish team limited itself to only one change, inviting es3tag to the roster, Astralis bothered to change not only the coach, but also to pull the duo k0nfig and blameF out of Complexity. The very same series began on the Nuke map, where the Swedes quickly felt their weaknesses, finishing half in defense with a minimal lag. However, after the changeover, NIP did not come up with anything in the attack, actually capitulating to the renewed Astralis roster - 16: 8.

Next, the teams moved to the Overpass map, which became the NIP's choice. However, the Swedes again began to have problems that did not allow them to enter a series of rounds, and completely allowed their opponent to run ahead. After the changeover, the game began to level out, until the Swedes were not able to scratch out overtime at all. Nevertheless, Astralis managed to turn the tide of the game in order to get the first victory in the renewed lineup - 19:16.

Thanks to this victory, Astralis will advance to the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 semifinals, where they will play with the Vitality team.


BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 takes place from November 24 to 28 at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. Eight teams from Europe, CIS and North America for a prize pool of $ 425,000, as well as the main prize - a ticket to BLAST Premier World Final 2021.