Become famous starting pairs PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The organizers have shared the starting pairs for PGL Major Stockholm 2021, which will start on October 26 with the Challengers stage. The main championship of the season starts with a Danish derby, followed by a confrontation between BIG and

PGL has revealed the kick-off matches of the first Swiss stage of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The game between Astralis and Copenhagen Flames will kick off in the main stream, while FaZe and Spirit will face off on the side stream. However, the most interesting opening match is expected to be between and BIG, which are ranked 12th and 13th respectively.

Heroic and MOUZ are expected to kick off the tournament with easy wins as they face off against TYLOO and the Sharks while Movistar Riders face off against Renegades.

Note that for the draw, the teams were seeded according to the results of the qualifying cycle. Teams were first sorted by stages and then sorted by ranks within those stages. This means, for example, that the first North American team is seeded above the second North American team or any other region.

The connections between the teams were then resolved using the "Regional Power", which is based on the number of teams invited to the PGL Major, followed by the Legend stage places from each region. This leads to the fact that North America has a higher "Regional Power" at this event than the CIS, because from both regions there will be five teams, but from North America three teams got directly into the Legend stage, compared to two from the CIS.

Below are the starting matches for PGL Major Stockholm 2021:


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Challengers Stage will take place from October 26-29. 16 teams will compete for eight tickets to the Legend stage, where they will meet with NAVI, NIP, Liquid, Evil Geniuses, FURIA, Vitality, G2 and Gambit.