fnatic and MOUZ qualified for IEM Winter 2021

The first day in the framework has come to an end, according to the results of which fnatic and MOUZ qualified for IEM Winter 2021. On the final day of the closed qualification, four teams will compete for the last slot in the championship.

Both teams casually walked through the tournament grid, dropping their opponents without any problems. fnatic, inspired by the signing of smooya for three months, first dealt with Complexity (2: 0), which was experiencing obvious problems with the lineup and ambitions. In turn, MOUZ easily outplayed 9z (2: 0), thus demonstrating its ambitions.

In the semi-finals, fnatic faced FunPlus Phoenix. However, the opponent, who had lost his coach the day before, could not oppose anything to the British-Swedish tandem, which closed the streak with a score of 2: 0 and proceeded to IEM Winter 2021. MOUZ had to give too much energy in the game against K23. And if on Inferno the situation turned into overtime, then on Nuke the European team breathed a sigh of relief, having won the second ticket to the championship - 2: 0.

Today, October 19, the remaining teams K3, Spirit, FunPlus Phoenix and ENCE will compete for the last slot at IEM Winter 2021. In turn, Complexity and 9z have already been eliminated from the qualifiers, having lost two matches.


Currently, the list of participants in IEM Winter 2021 is as follows: NIP, Vitality, Gambit, Heroic, OG, G2, FaZe, Astralis, Liquid, Virtus.pro, BIG, MOU, GODSENT, fnatic and TYLOO.