Heroic and Dignitas will meet in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021 quarterfinals

Heroic and Dignitas will meet in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021 quarterfinals. Both teams started with victories in the championship, beating POGGERZ (2: 0) and Fiend (2: 0), respectively.

Heroic - POGGERZ

An unremarkable match from the point of view of the logic of the Danish team did not bode well until the Middle East team sang Mirage and began to bend their line. And yet, after the change of sides, Heroic pulled herself together, showing some fresh ideas in the attack, and at the same time closing the opponent not to his own pick - 16:11.

On Nuke, the situation was similar, although here POGGERZ started out on the comfortable side. However, after the changeover, the Danish team began to recruit again, confidently ending the series at its peak - 16:10.

Dignitas - Fiend

In the second meeting, the Swedes from Dignitas literally moved Fiend, showing the Bulgarians that they were still lucky not to go to PGL Major Stockholm 2021. As a result, already at Mirage, for a minute, which became the choice of the Bulgarian team, Dignitas made fun of the conditional "owners" victory - 16: 9.

Interestingly, the start on Nuke was promising for Fiend, as after the first half the team was leading by 9 rounds. However, the powerlessness and lack of ideology in the attack put an end to all attempts by the Bulgarians to bring the streak to a desider. And Dignitas showed a confident defense, not losing a single round to the opponent - 16:13.

Note that after the defeats, POGGERZ and Fiend laid down their ambitions in this tournament, taking the 9-16th place.


BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021 runs from October 12-17 online. Sixteen teams are competing for a prize pool of $ 162,500, BLAST Premier points, and two main prizes - tickets to BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021.