TYLOO прошли на Intel Extreme Masters Winter 2021 Asia Closed Qualifier

The open qualifier for Intel Extreme Masters Winter 2021 in the China region has come to an end. TYLOO and The Black Company became the best participants in the open selection. Now they have to fight with two invited teams in order to determine which of them most deserves a single ticket to Intel Extreme Masters Winter 2021.

The closed Chinese qualifying round for IEM Winter 2021 will take place from October 3rd to 4th. All matches will be played in Bo3 format.

Intel Extreme Masters Winter 2021 starts on December 2 and ends on December 12. The total prize pool of the ESL championship will be $ 250,000. 16 teams will take part in its distribution. The winner will receive a large cash prize of $ 100,000 and a bonus of 1,000 ESL Pro Tour Rating Points. The silver medalist will receive $ 42,000 + 750 ESL Pro Tour points, and the teams that take 3-4 places in the standings will receive $ 20,000 each and 525 ESL Pro Tour units.