coldzera explains why he joined Complexity

Complexity newcomer Marcelo "coldzera" David explained why he chose this particular team. In an interview with BLAST studio after the match with FaZe Clan, the Brazilian revealed some details of his transition, and also said what he was doing after leaving the former team.

coldzera said that he received many offers from other teams, but the reason for choosing Complexity was the current coach of the peacemaker team.

I joined Complexity because I wanted to play on the same team with the peacemaker - he is a great coach. In the past we have already discussed the possibility of performing together. I had a lot of good suggestions, but I chose Complexity because Louise works here and I wanted to work with him. In addition, as the training showed, the atmosphere in the team is just excellent, and I got comfortable positions, so I settled on this option.

At the same time, coldzera added that he was not sure about the length of his career at Complexity.

After moving to the reserve team of FaZe Clan, I continued to train. I don't know if I will stay with Complexity, but now I try to give my best, focus on the present, not the future. So I'm just trying to get in shape to perform as best I can.

As a reminder, coldzera joined Complexity in early September, replacing k0nfig. The Brazilian is expected to play for the team until the Danish player recovers from a hand injury.