Só Agradece Esports, DremMax, TSM and Havan Liberty will compete for two slots to the Wild Tour 2021 Finals Grand Final

The Wild Tour 2021 Finals is nearing completion. There are 4 teams left in the tournament, which made it to the semifinals and will play two tickets to the grand final.

The first pair of semi-finalists were Só Agradece Esports and DreamMax. SA beat Keyd Stars on their way to the playoffs, while DreamMax beat KATRISHISO-.

TSM and Havan Liberty will play in the second match of the second playoff round. The former beat Omegha E-sports in the quarterfinals, while Havan Liberty was stronger than Xisde.

The semifinal matches are scheduled to start today. The first match will take place at 18:00 CET.


Wild Tour 2021 Finals started on September 8 and will end on the 10th. At the tournament, 8 teams compete for $ 30,834 and a ticket to the Horizon Cup.