Wild Rift League 2022 LPL: ThunderTalk Gaming получат реванш у Oh My God

Just a few minutes ago, we received the name of the second Wild Rift League 2022 LPL finalist. They are ThunderTalk Gaming.

In the small finals, TTG played Royal Never Give Up. Alas, we saw no struggle.

ThunderTalk Gaming were unforgiving on every map. As a result - categorical 4-0 in their favor.

Now TTG has a chance to get even with Oh My God for losing the Winner Finals. We'll see for revenge on September 30th.


Wild Rift League 2022 LPL started on September 11 and will end on the 30th. The prize pool of the Chinese league has not been disclosed, however, it is known that the champion will receive a slot in the Horizon Cup.