Team Queso wins Wild Rit Origin Series 2021

The League of Legens Wild Rift tournament, not of the smallest scale, has come to an end, and Team Queso has become its champion.

The final battle took place in a not the most familiar format, namely Bo7. The cards in the mobile MOBA from Riot Games are played fast enough, and therefore the organizers did not consider it a bad idea to stretch the viewing pleasure after the final battle between the two best participants of the past championship.

The first map ended in 17 minutes in favor of Team Queso, and the second in 18 minutes in favor of the same team. Rix.GG started their return to the game and took the third map in 20 minutes, however Team Queso stopped this business in the bud and took the fourth map. It was the longest and most intriguing, but in this psychological battle the future champion was determined. As a result, it was completed in 32 minutes, and the last fifth map was played faster than anyone, namely in 16 minutes.

Winning the Wild Rit Origin Series 2021 brought the winner, Team Queso, the main cash prize of € 84,000 (~ $ 98,600), as well as an invitation to the Horizon Cup 2021.

Rix.GG, who took second place in the standings, were not invited to the aforementioned championship, but they also earned a good amount - € 32,000 (~ $ 37,560).

Horizon Cup 2021, where they received an invitation from Queso, will be held from 13 to 21 November in Singapore. The total prize fund of the championship and the format are still unknown, but this event should be quite large. The best teams from different championships from different regions receive invitations to it.

Results of Wild Rift Origin Series 2021