Wild Rift Origin Series 2021: Rix.GG, welcome to the grand finale

Unicorns of Love and Rix.GG have completed their second semi-final match. If the first semi-final was a full-fledged Bo5 series and took place on all five maps, then three maps were enough for Rix.GG to win the fight against Unicorns of Love. The first was completed in 21 minutes, the second in 16 minutes, and the third in 18.

As a result, Unicorns of Love took 3rd place in the standings and received a consolation cash prize of € 15,000 (~ $ 17,600). The same result was recently achieved by the players from Game-Lord who were defeated in the first semifinal match, which was played against Team Queso.

Natus Vincere and CUT Esports were unable to reach the group stage earlier. The latter did not even take part in the tournament and were disqualified for not being able to visit Stockholm to fight their opponents. The players had visa problems, and therefore their way to the capital of Sweden was closed. Natus Vincere, in turn, simply performed poorly in the group stage and could not beat any of their four opponents. Finishing the last place in the group with a score of 0-4, the team finished in 5th place in the standings and received a consolation prize of € 7,500 (~ $ 8,800).

Wild Rift Origin Series 2021 Interim Results