DRX to Perform at VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Stage 1 Masters - Reykjavík

VCT 2022: Korea Stage 1 Challengers has come to an end. At the championship, which was held from February 23 to March 27 in Seoul at the Sangam Colosseum arena, eight South Korean teams fought for a prize pool of $86,025, as well as one ticket to the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Stage 1 Masters - Reykjavík. Quite expectedly, the DRX team became the winner of the tournament, which beat On Sla2ers with a score of 3:0 in the grand final (Haven - 14:12; Fracture - 13:4; Ascent - 13:2).

The tournament for the future winner started with a confident performance at the group stage, following which DRX won six meetings, losing only to On Sla2ers (0:2).

This did not prevent the team from taking first place and going straight to the semifinals, where DRX outplayed World Game Star (2:1). Already in the final of the upper bracket, the team took revenge on On Sla2ers (2:0), thus making it to the grand final. In the final match, DRX again crushed the On Sla2ers (3:0), thus winning a ticket to the Masters in Iceland.

The current roster for VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Masters Stage 1 - Reykjavík is as follows: FunPlus Phoenix, Fnatic, G2 Esports, OpTic Gaming, The Guard, XERXIA, Paper Rex, ZETA DIVISION and DRX.

Results of VCT 2022: Korea Stage 1 Challengers