April 17 in the esports world

Do you know what is remarkable about today in the esports world? Read more in our material.

Tournaments and victories

In 2016, the Dota 2 championship StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 1 ended up. Its prize pool was $100,000. Vici Gaming.Reborn managed to get the win and to get the main money reward of $45,000.

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The same year, the CS:GO tournament DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 with prize pool of $250,000. Ninjas in Pyjamas became the champions in Sweden and received the main money reward of $100,000.


Today these representatives of the eSports are celebrating their birthdays:

Liu «Garder» Xinzhou — ex-player EHOME, free agent (29 y.o., Dota 2)
Morten «zEVES» Vollan — player of NOREG (27 y.o., CS:GO)
Neta «33» Shapira — player of OpTic Gaming (21 y.o., Dota 2)
Alejandro «Raizen» Mezcua — ex-player of Hafnet eSports (23 player, CS:GO)
Karol «repo» Cybulski — player of Pompa Team (21 y.o., CS:GO)
Saveliy «jmqa» Bragin — player of Quantum Bellator Fire (21 y.o., CS:GO)
Isaac «Boombox» Charles — player of Philadelphia Fusion (21 y.o., Overwatch)


In 2006, the patch 6.31 for Dota 2 was released. You can read about it here.