April 17 in the esports world

Lord Matus

April 17 in the esports world

Do you know what is remarkable about today in the esports world? Read more in our material.

Tournaments and victories

In 2016, the Dota 2 championship StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 1 ended up. Its prize pool was $100,000. Vici Gaming.Reborn managed to get the win and to get the main money reward of $45,000.

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The same year, the CS:GO tournament DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 with prize pool of $250,000. Ninjas in Pyjamas became the champions in Sweden and received the main money reward of $100,000.


Today these representatives of the eSports are celebrating their birthdays:

Liu «Garder» Xinzhou — ex-player EHOME, free agent (29 y.o., Dota 2)
Morten «zEVES» Vollan — player of NOREG (27 y.o., CS:GO)
Neta «33» Shapira — player of OpTic Gaming (21 y.o., Dota 2)
Alejandro «Raizen» Mezcua — ex-player of Hafnet eSports (23 player, CS:GO)
Karol «repo» Cybulski — player of Pompa Team (21 y.o., CS:GO)
Saveliy «jmqa» Bragin — player of Quantum Bellator Fire (21 y.o., CS:GO)
Isaac «Boombox» Charles — player of Philadelphia Fusion (21 y.o., Overwatch)


In 2006, the patch 6.31 for Dota 2 was released. You can read about it here.

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