What to expect from Bungie in the coming years?

More recently, Bungie has shared its plans for the next few years. Looking ahead, it's safe to say that the company is planning to scale.

It's worth starting with comfort and convenience. To do this, by the fall of 2022, Bungie plans to expand the office 2.5 times, as well as modernize it in order to develop Destiny 2 more comfortably.

Plus, the team won't stop at just Destiny 2. In the new office, business will be conducted on other projects, including on unannounced IP.

All in the same 2022, Bungie will open the first overseas office. It will be located in Amsterdam, and the main goal will be the development of international business and the unification of various divisions of the company.

Several Bungie employees have already been assigned new assignments. Thus, Vice President Mark Noseworthy and Executive Creative Director Luke Smith will be responsible for promoting Destiny in new media formats, while General Manager Justin Truman will now be responsible for the development of Destiny 2.

Chief Creative Officer Johnny Ebbert and General Manager Zach Russell also received new posts. They've been assigned responsibility for creating and promoting future Bungie worlds, with at least one game planned for a completely new IP by 2025.