Vehicles Returned to Call of Duty Warzone

A technical malfunction was recently found in the Call of Duty battle royale, as a result of which Call of Duty Warzone users could not play the game calmly. The vehicles in the last match could crash the servers if they were adjusted to a certain place on the map. This bug has now been removed from the game.

To combat it, on September 6, the developers removed vehicles from the game and now announced on Twitter that they are returning vehicles to the game. The bug fix isn't the only new feature coming to the game. A new operative will soon appear in the game, voiced by Italian rapper Fabio Rovazia. The appearance of the hero will be like a cowboy, and Morte himself, this will be the name of the new hero, according to the developers, will be a tribute to the spaghetti westerns, which peaked in popularity in the 1960s.