New Uncharted may tell the story of young Victor Sullivan

One of the guests of Reddit, referring to one of the employees of Sucker Punch, spoke about the likelihood of the next part of Uncharted. If so, it could tell the story of Victor Sullivan, who mentored the protagonist of the four Uncharted games, Nathan Drake.

If the guesses of the Reddit user turn out to be correct, then the events of the game will unfold in the 1980s and show how Sullivan's young years went. In the new part of Uncharted, it may be possible to travel to the Caribbean Islands by plane. The next game in the series will be shorter than Uncharted 4 but longer than the spin-off The Lost Legacy.

Unlike previous Uncharted games, the project will not be developed by Naughty Dog, but by Sony's internal studio. The release of the game will have to take place no earlier than the second half of 2021.

Nolan North, who voiced Nathan Drake, previously talked about that. that I would love to return to work on the game, but that was the end of it. There has not yet been any official announcement of the continuation of the series from the game developers.