Gotham Knights is a new game in the DC Universe

On August 22, as part of the DC FanDome event, a new game in the Batman universe was announced - Gotham Knights. Developed by the Knights of Gotham WB Monreal, responsible for projects such as Arkham Origins, Arkham City and others.

The main feature of the game is that you will not be allowed to play for Batman. Bruce Wayne is dead, and the place of the guard of Gotham will be taken by one of his comrades-in-arms and concurrently the main characters of the game: Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl or Red Hood.

Will be given to play for any of them. Of course, the game will feature a cooperative, though only for two. In addition to the coop and the choice of characters, we are waiting for:

The main antagonist will be the Court of Owls - a secret organization that runs Gotham in the shadows. But according to the developers, there will be other villains in the game besides the aforementioned Court of Owls.

Gotham Knights will be released in 2021. The game will roll out to PS4, Xbox One, PC and next-gen consoles: PS5 and Xbox Series X.