Jeff Grubb Shares Inside Again

VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb shares his insights again. This time he updated his schedule of upcoming events.

Jeff Grubb shares his insights again. Photo 1

One of the points is "Remasster", which will take place in October. Most likely we are talking about a remaster of games from the Mass Effect series. It has previously been rumored that it should take place before N7 Day, which fans of the series celebrate on November 20.

This is a common practice for a journalist. In such lists, Jeff often gives the date of the announcement, but this time he hinted to one of the users that the release could take place on the day of the announcement.

In addition to the mysterious "Remasster", one more item is worth noting - "Thanksgiving Day". In it, Grubb jokes that people are still waiting for price announcements for next-gen consoles. It may be during this period that Sony and Microsoft will announce prices for their flagships.