Confrontation of the Century: Epic Games Sues Apple and Google

Epic Games added direct payment to Fortnite yesterday, August 13th. Such an innovation should have saved Fortnite players the cost of purchasing in-game items. The Epic Games feature bypassed the mandatory 30 {{tax on the App Store.

Tim Cook's corporation clearly didn't like it. Just hours later, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store. The company explained this by the fact that Epic Games violated the rules of the Apple store. Apple's position was picked up by Google. The search giant has also removed Fortnite from its store.

Epic Games didn't have to wait long for a response. In their battle royale, Epic Games is launching an in-game video that is a parody of the 1984 commercial. The 1984 video was filmed to promote the Macintosh. At the end of the video, a call is shown to join the fight against monopoly and not allow 2020 to turn into 1984 from a dystopian book of the same name.

Following the video, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple. Tim Sweeney's company also filed a lawsuit against Google. Spotify has also sided with Epic Games, which has repeatedly called for an end to Apple and Google's monopoly on the digital market.