Fallout 76 will get official mod support

On a twitch broadcast at QuakeCon at Home, Bethesda confirmed that mods will be coming to Fallout 76. According to the project managers Jeff Gardiner, the development team plans to introduce mod support into the game, although they do not even have an approximate deadline yet.

As explained by Jaffe Gardiner, introducing mods into a client-server game is quite a challenge. He also noted that the team has already invested a lot of resources to implement the idea.

Fallout 76 mod support is technically there. Mods can be launched using the Nexus Mod Manager app or directly through the Nexus Mods website. With the official support of mods from Bethesda, the installation process will be much easier.

Bethesda continues to improve its long-term construction. The latest addition to Fallout 76 is Westelanders. DLC added NPCs, storyline and factions to the game.