Apex Legends Competitive Season 6 Announced

On August 6, a trailer preview of the next competitive season appeared on the Apex Legends YouTube channel. The video shows the main novelties of the game. Everything is in order.

The main innovation will be the addition of a new legend. The 14 playable character will be the gunsmith Rampart. Judging by the video, Rampart's abilities will be directly related to machine guns.

In addition to the new legend, Respawn Entertainment showed a new mechanic - making loot. The developers want to reduce the influence of randomness from loot to the maximum, so now you can personally create equipment for yourself from the fragments on the map.

Also, a new submachine gun “Volt. Most likely, the weapon will replace one of the existing ones. They did not forget about the battle pass. Season 6 will also feature a unique Battle Pass with over 100 exclusive rewards.

The update along with the new season and all the innovations will appear in the game on August 18. On the same day, a temporary event will end, which served as the prologue for "Acceleration".