Apex Legends Coming to Timed Mode

Next week, Apex Legends will have a temporary event. It will be called Always Be Closing Evolved and will run from August 11 to 18.

Equipment will be the main feature of the event. Players will begin the fight with the Mozambique Shotguns and EVO Shield. Dealing damage to enemies, you can pump your shield, thereby increasing the maximum supply of armor and health. Also, in Always Be Closing Evolved matches, the zoning time will be significantly reduced, which should force players to stick to an active combat strategy.

Similar events have already taken place in Apex Legends. The last event was called "Battle Armor", in which players fought with a certain level of armor throughout the match, without being able to change it.

Amid the release of the temporary mode, Respawn Entertainment is teasing the next competitive season. Rumor has it that it will start immediately after the end of the Always Be Closing Evolved event.