Done: Ranking System Coming to Warcraft III: Reforged

Blizzard Entertainment has shared plans to add ranked games to WCIII: Reforged. According to the developers, a ladder will appear in the game within a few months.

The system itself will work according to the standard principle: for each match, the player will receive points for winning and lose for defeats. The ranked divisions will be similar to those found in StarCraft II - leagues from bronze to elite. Only the top 300 players in the world will make it to the elite division.

In the rank system, you will need to go through calibration In total, you will need to play 5 matches to determine the starting rank. Moreover, to move from a lower league to a higher one, you will not need to play qualifying matches.

The seasons were announced along with the rating system. True, there is no exact information yet about how many there will be and how long each of them will last.

After adding the rating mode, ordinary ladders will appear, without rank points. In such matches, the “hidden” rating of players for a certain race will be taken into account when selecting an opponent.