Rumors: God of War Coming to PC in August 2020

Insider Rand Al Tor shared some interesting information. According to Rand, Sony is porting its hit God of War 2018 to PC. Al Torah spoke about this as part of the Xbox Two podcast.

Randa also named a possible release date for God of War. According to an insider, the game will appear on PC in August this year. Adding weight to Al Tor's words is the fact that in April of this year, pages of Sony titles were found on the French Amazon site, including God of War 2018, The Last Of Us Part II and others. In addition, the development vector of Sony is clearly visible. Over the past year, they have ported more than one project to a PC, so this information may turn out to be true.

God of War 2018 is a reimagining of Kratos' history. This is a hack and slash game with RPG elements. In 2018, God of War was named Game of the Year by The Game Awards.