Rumors: Microsoft is preparing to release the most expensive game in history

Recently an extremely interesting story has appeared on the net. A user named Kenneth Jackson reported a previously unknown studio Qlymax. According to Kenneth, the studio was founded by 9 "veterans" of the game development industry, who were behind the development of more than 20 AAA projects.

Based on the post by Kenneth, they are currently working on an exclusive game for the Xbox Series X. This project should be released no earlier than 2022. The game is created on the basis of the power of its own Q-max engine. It covers all aspects, including audio, video, and piece intelligence. The most interesting thing is the budget.

Again, from Kenneth's words, the new IP from Qlymax has a huge budget. According to rumors, the project may cost over $ 200 million. If the information is accurate, the game will become one of the most expensive in the history of the industry.