Sony invested heavily in Epic Games

Sony invested heavily in Epic Games

Companies will start collaborating closer

Japanese giant Sony has invested $ 250 million in Epic Games. Having completed the transaction, Sony acquired a minority stake in Epic Games.

The Japanese company acquired a 1.4% stake in the company. According to estimates, the total value of Epic Games shares is estimated at 17.86 billion dollars. It is noteworthy that the investment will not affect the development of future Epic Games projects. The company will continue to release games with an emphasis on cross-platform.

According to Tim Sweeney, head of Epic Games, companies will focus on building a more open and accessible ecosystem for all consumers and content producers. At the same time, companies do not say anything specific, referring to the fact that they plan to expand plans for cooperation. Based on this, it can be assumed that the cooperation will be technical.

Previously, the companies have already worked together. The power of the new Epic Games engine, Unreal Engine 5, was demonstrated on the console of the new generation PlayStation 5.