Rumor: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games will have 30 FPS

Richard Leadbetter, a specialist at Digital Foundry, said that many single-player console games will still have a frame rate of 30 FPS. He explained the lack of progress in the number of frames was a priority for image quality over high FPS by video game developers.

According to Richard, the predisposition to such an event depends not only on game developers, but also on the creators of consoles, Sony and Microsoft. The specialist believes that the new consoles will not be designed for high FPS, but now in games it will be possible to recreate more detailed graphics, realistic lighting, as well as add many effects that improve the visual perception of games.

A spokesperson for Digital Foundry cited the recently announced sequel to Spider-Man: Miles Morales as an example. In his opinion, the new product will be launched at 30 FPS, as it is developed on the basis of the first part, and the transition to 60 FPS should have been much longer.

The launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is expected at the end of 2020.