WoW Politics - World of Warcraft Will Get a Community Council

Blizzard Entertainment has decided to create a Community Council for World of Warcraft players to help users get their message across to MMORPG developers. This council will require at least 100 players to collect feedback from regular users and contact Blizzard Entertainment with interesting suggestions and requests from World of Warcraft fans.

Users will engage in discussion of various problems and ideas in special sections of the forum. There, the train of thought will be able to follow not only the developers of the game, but also all visitors to the forum. The "Community Council" can be joined by users who leave a request. The developers of the MMORPG have not yet named any special criteria, and therefore, technically, any user can leave an application.

Blizzard Entertainment will select a number of people of their choice, who will receive access to the section for one year. After this time, the developers will again open the set of those wishing to join the "Community Council".

Despite the attempt to get closer to the fans of the game, the latter took such an announcement from Blizzard somewhat skeptically and ambiguously. The video, which tells about the emergence of the "Community Council", at the time of publication managed to gain almost 5,000 likes and 4,500 dislikes. Members of the World of Warcraft community told the developers in the comments below the video that they could listen to suggestions that already exist on the forum instead of "reinventing the wheel."