Wind and Rain signed Woolite and Jwaow

Pawel «Woolite» Pruski and Jesper «Jwaow» Strandgren joined a renewed roster of Wind and Rain.

Such players as Daniel «Dan» Hockley, Baltat «AoD» Alin and Emil «Larssen» Larsson will play in the roster except for Woolite and Jwaow.

Wind and Rain will debut with a new roster during the second week on 2017 EU Challenger Series Summer. During the first week, the member of the previous roster will play according to the regulations of the league.

Three out of five players of the updated Wind and Rain roster already have an experience in EU LCS. These players are Pawel «Woolite» Pruski, Jesper «Jwaow» Strandgren and Baltat «AoD» Alin. Woolite represented Copenhagen Wolves and Team ROCCAT, Jwaow — Elements, and AoD was a member of Team Vitality.

Wind and Rain managed to get to EU Challenger Series Summer Split via qualifiers. At the beginning of June, Wind and Rain sold their roster to Origen but decided to keep the slot in league.

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Wind and Rain roster:

Jesper «Jwaow» Strandgren (TopLaner)
Daiel «Dan» Hockley (Jungler)
Emil «Larssen» Larsson (MidLane)
Pawel «Woolite» Pruski (AD Carry)
Baltat «AoD» Alin (Support)