Vega Squadron renewed the main roster

The head of the organization Vega Squadron has signed three full contracts with three cyber-sportsmen, who participate in the League of Legends discipline - Lev «Nomanz» Yakshin, Rolandas «Optimas» Vincalovcius and Paweł «delord» Szabla will protect the colors of “Sharks” from now on at the upcoming tournaments.

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Let’s notice that despite the roster contains 6 players - all of them will go to a bootcamp and will train together. Best players will stay in starters and the last member will receive the status of a substitute and will wait for his chance to show himself.

The roster of Vega Squadron:

Alexandr «NoNholy» Ovchinnikov
Nikolay «Zanzarah» Akatov
Evgeniy «Drobovik123» Belousov
Rolandas «Optimas» Vincalovcius
Paweł «delord» Szabla
Lev «Nomanz» Yakshin