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A Jungler player Jakub «Cinkrof» Rokicki joined Origen. The organization announced this news on their Twitter account.

Previously, Origen paid penalty to the ex-team of Jakub Rokicki, but the player decided not to transfer to a new team.

Currently, Cinkrof passed the assessment of the behavior from Riot Games. Now, Jakub can play with Team ROCCAT and GIANTS! Gaming on the 7th week of North America LCS Spring Split 2017.

Cinkrof had to replace Kim «Wisdom» Tae-wan. On March 2, ESPN announced that Origen made a complaint for the ex-team of Cinkrof — ThunderX3 Baskonia. Origen bought player’s contract, but Jakub Rokicki declined to transfer, so Baskonia were forced to return money. The Spanish league of League of Legends, Liga de Videojuegos Profesional decided to disqualify Jakub «Cinkrof» Rokick until the dispute is settled.

Cinkrof became the second player in Origen team who joined before the end of transfer period. Earlier, Ireneusz «Iluzjonist» Opalinski, a support player, joined the team. Currently, Origen are at the last place of Group B with 0-7 statistics.

Origen roster:

Max «Satorius» Günther
Kim «Wisdom» Tae-wan
Yoo «NaeHyun» Nae-hyun
Erik «Tabzz» van Helvert
Ireneusz «Iluzjonist» Opaliński
Jakub «Cinkrof» Rokicki