Newbee announced the disbandment of the LoL roster

The Chinese eSports organization has informed that it leaves LoL.

The main reason for such decision is the fact that Newbee will not be represented at the LPL league in 2018. It is unknown why they have left the league.

After the coming of Newbee to LPL last year, the team reached the playoffs three times and held the sixth place twice and got to the semi-final one time.

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In the new year, LPL will have a franchise system. This means that participants of the league will not change after each split and revenues will be distributed by participants, according to their achievements. Riot Games also decided to increase the number of teams to 14. In future, the list of participants will be even wider.

The Newbee roster looked in the following way:

Fan «Skye» Qi-Fang
Bao «V» Bo
Hong «HanXuan» Hao
Zhu «Quan» Yong-Quan
Lei «corn» Wen
Yu «HappyY» Rui
Lin «Lwx» Wei-Xiang
Liu «Crisp» Qing-Song
Zhang «MorZB» Hong-Wei
Lee «Dream6» Xiang