LoL players earn the same as European football players. Is it true or false?

On 23-25 April, GamesBeat Summit 2019 conference was held in Los Angeles. There were a lot of representatives of the organizations of the world level as speakers. Among them there were people involved in gaming activities and those whose work doesn’t interact with computer games. There the commissioner of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), Chris Greeley approached the audience with his report where he told that the average salary of the LCS players equals $300,000 per 12 months.

Taking into account that the League of Legends system we are used to became the system of holding regular competition in many countries six years ago. This fact is surprising for sure and the level of the salary of LoL players went up rather quickly.

Now disputes on the question «Is esports a sport or no?» are still being held in the whole world. The main argument of fans of esports is big dollar salaries of professional players. This is also a factor of fans of classical sports pointing at the salary of professional computer sports players still can’t compete with salaries of star representatives of such classical competitive disciplines as football, basketball, etc. Nevertheless, today’s salary of LoL players that play in professional leagues can be opposed to salaries of football players of average European clubs. For instance, the majority of players of the roster of the Italian football club «Parma» get less than an esportsman playing League of Legends.

Consequently, if we answer the question that was put at the beginning of the material, it will be «Yes, it’s true». Esportsmen can earn more than football players, indeed.

The fact that salaries in esports increase each and every year is quite obvious. 2 years ago the co-founder of one of the most famous esports organization in the CIS,, Anton Cherepennikov revealed the secret and told us that the players of VP rosters get from $10,000 till $20,000 a month. It is remarkable that in 2014 their salaries did not exceed $3,000. At the moment the players have even better situation and if we take into account that the players get a big part of prize money, all doubts about their big profits disappear.