LGD Gaming announced a new roster

Chinese esports organization LGD Gamin announced a new roster for 2017 season. The announcement appeared on the official page of the organization in Chinese social network Weibo.

Chen «sukiM» Zhi-Yuan, playing on AD Carry position, Park «Croc» Jong-hoon, playing on Jungler position and Li «Punished» Yuan-Hui, playing on Mid Lane position, joined the roster. With the beginning of a new season, Punished will change his position to play on Top Lane.

Recently, LGD Gaming lost Hu «yiw» Zi-Qi, who played on Mid Lane, and Li «Yu» Xinnan, who played on Support position.

It needs to be mentioned, that Park «Croc» Jong-hoon have never played on the professional League of Legends arena. Cooperation with LGD Gaming will be his debut. Croc will play on Support position.

LGD Gaming roster:  

Li «Punished» Yuan-Hui — Top Lane
Xie «Eimy» Dan — Jungle
Wei «we1less» Zhen — Mid Lane
Gu «imp» Seung-bin — AD Carry
Chen «Pyl» Bo — Support

Lim «Jinoo» Jin-woo — Top Lane (reserve)
Tang «1ntruder» Sheng — Jungle (reserve)
Park «Croc» Jong-hoon — Jungle (reserve)
Chen «SukiM» Zhi-Yuan — AD Carry (reserve)