Invictus Gaming signed Duke

SK Telecom  ex-player Lee «Duke» Ho-Seong became a part of the team Invictus Gaming. A player will take Top Lane position. The organization has announced this news at their official page of the Chinese social media Weibo.

Lee «Duke» Ho-Seong will substitute for Liu «Zzitai» Zhi-Hao who left the team on December 15 and transferred to Snake eSports team. on December 13, the owner of the team confirmed the rumors that Duke would join Invictus Gaming.

During the previous season, Duke played for SK Telecom T1. On November 28, a player decided to leave the roster. At the same time, SK Telecom T1 lost Bae «bengi» Seong-ung and a coach Lee «PoohManDu» Jeong-hyeon. Together with this player and this coach, SK Telecom T1 managed to become world champion for the third time, and took the first place in LCK Spring Split 2016. Also, they won Mid-Season Invitational 2016 and Intel Extreme Masters Season X — World Championship.

Invictus Gaming roster for a new season:

Lee «Duke» Ho-Seong
Ge «Kid» Yan
Song «RooKie» Eui-jin
Yu «JackeyLove» Wen-Bo
Wang «Baolan» Liu-Yi