Immortals signed Kim «Olleh» Joo-sung

Hong Kong eSports ex-support Kim «Olleh» Joo-sung became a member of Immortals. Now, the team has a full roster.

Kim «Olleh» Joo-sung started his career of esportsman in 2013 in KT Rolster team. Next year, he left South Korea and has been playing for such teams as paiN Gaming and Hong Kong eSports for about 2 years.

Together with paiN Gaming, he managed to qualify to IEM San Jose, but lost in a quarterfinal match against Cloud9. Kim «Olleh» Joo-sung does not have an experience in participation in League of Legends world championships.

In October 2015, Immortals bought a slot for North America LCS from Team 8. After that, Immortals signed players who participated in World Championship 2015 semifinals and a couple of free agents. After losing the play off match against Cloud9 in North America LCS Summer Split 2016, where they could win the latest invite for World Championship 2016, the organization allowed players to leave League of Legends roster. As a result, only Eugene Justice «Pobelter» Park remained a team member from the previous roster.

Immortals current roster:

Eugene Justice «Pobelter» Park
Lee «Flame» Ho-jong
Joshua «Dardoch» Hartnett
Li «Cody Sun» Yu Sun
Kim «Olleh» Joo-sung