Gold Coin United signed Hong «MadLife» Min-gi

A Korean esportsman joined Gold Coin United. Previously, he told that he found a new team, but he did not named it.

Hong «MadLife» Min-gi started his esports career in 2011 playing for Frost. Frost roster players changed organizations for three times. First, they played for Maximum Impact Gaming, later they joined Azubu, and CJ Entus became the last organization to sign the roster members. The team changed the name to CJ Entus Frost. Later, CJ Entus Frost members moved to the main roster of CJ Entus. On November 30, MadLife and 8 other players decided to leave CJ Entus. The contracts were terminated, and players decided not to extend them.

During his career, MadLife became the champion of OnGameNet LoL Invitational, Azubu The Champions Summer 2012, bigfile NLB Spring 2014, All-Star 2013 и All-Star 2015.

Gold Coin United were created in December 2016 and bought a slot from NRG eSports in North America Challenger.

Gold Coin United roster:

Colin «Solo» Earnest — Top Lane
Lucas Tao Kilmer «Santorin» Larsen — Jungle
Kim «FeniX» Jae-hun — Mid Lane
Oh «Rikara» Samuel — AD Carry
Hong «MadLife» Min-gi — Support