Week 8 ends at LCK Spring 2021

As part of the LCK Spring 2021 group stage, another week of face-to-face meetings took place. We have watched 8 matches and suggest recalling the results of past meetings.

First game day

On the first day, BRO played against DK and Afreeca Freecs against HLE. Both fights ended 2-0, with DK and HLE celebrating the victory.

Second game day

In the second game day, there was a little more intrigue. Although the match between KT and LSB ended 2-0 in favor of the latter, NS and DRX gave us a full-fledged bo3, in which NS celebrated the victory.

Third game day

On the third game day, we watched the favorites fights. In a head-to-headmatch, T1 defeated Gen.G Esports with a score of 2-0, and BRO outplayed Afreeca Freecs.

Fourth game day

On the final day of the 8th week, two fights were played. In the first, HLE beat LSB with a score of 1-2, while DK beat NS.

There are still 2 weeks of LCK Spring 2021 group stage ahead of us. Week 9 matches will start on March 18th.