LEC Summer 2020 has four new entrants to the 2020 Worlds Championship

Fnatic, G2 Esports, Rogue and MAD Lions have secured their spots in the 2020 Worlds Championship. MAD Lions for their 4th place will go to Play-In. Between September 5-6, the top three teams will share the lion's share of the prize pool and determine the duo to advance to the 2020 Worlds Champijonship group stage.

The team, which will take the 3rd position in the championship, as well as MAD Lions, will go to the Play-In, where they will fight for reaching the group stage.

The winner of the LEC Summer 2020 will receive a main prize of € 80,000 ($ 95,520), while the vice-champion will receive € 50,000 ($ 59,700). Both squads will advance to the group stage, as mentioned earlier.


The LEC Summer 2020 league started on June 12 and will end on September 6. The total prize pool is € 200,000 and four invites to the 2020 Worlds Championship.