Globant Emerald has left support player Bardito

Globant Emerald is an Argentine esports organization founded in December 2020 by IT company and software development company Globant. League of Legends performed on the professional stage for the first time in 2021.

Santiago "Bardito" Martin is a young Support player who started his career as a League of Legends pro player in 2019 under the alias Vagabundo. Santiago's favorite champion is Bard, which is what his current nickname refers to. Feint Gaming became the first Bardito team in which he was a substitute support player and after spending two months in it, he moved to the main Holy Knights roster. After playing Holy Knights for three months, Bardito joins Wygers Argentina. In which he also does not linger for a long time and after another three months he meets Globant Emerald, in which he spends the whole season, until March 2022.

GET are enjoying their 2021 gaming season by taking the lead in the LMF 2021 Closing, securing their way to the playoffs of the tournament as favorites. As a result, taking first place in the LMF 2021 Closing Playoffs with a score of 3: 0 against Savage Team. At the same time, LMF 2021 Opening was rather a spurt to open a second wind for Globant Emerald. After all, the team managed to get to the playoffs from the seventh place, and the GET playoffs played 0: 3 against CASLA Esports, taking 5-8th place in the standings. Meanwhile, the 2021 season continued to gain momentum, so at Regional Sur 2021 Globant Emerald took first place, defeating Cruzados Esports with a score of 3: 1. Getting to the qualifiers for the LLA 2022 Opening Promotion, GET successfully managed to get promotion to the main stage of the tournament. At the LLA 2022 Opening Globant Emerald is in 8th place with 3 wins out of 11 games.

I think with our lineup, we could have made it to the playoffs if things went better and if we put in the right effort. But I try to stick to the order of things that happen in reality. I had a really good time in my first experience with Globant Emerald which is an internal flashing. Living with 8 other people in the house, LoL all day, and going to the gym, it was something incredible for me, and it really fulfilled a dream that I had many, many years ago. Now it's time to see where my path leads next. I've been with Globant for a year and a half now and I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity and training. In addition, I am sure that the change of team will help me to continue to develop, I clearly understand many things that I could do better and contribute. I have been able to recognize many things about myself and I know that it is always possible to become a better professional/person and I want to strive for my best form. Thanks to Globant, I've met a lot of people over the past year and a half. This is not only the best company, but also very good people who helped me from the first day.

On this note , Bardito leaves Globant Emerald and becomes a free agent. In the meantime, substitute Rosseu joined GE's main roster.