Dajor joined Astralis

Danish esports organization Astralis has introduced Dajor as the fifth player in the League of Legends roster. It is reported that the German player has successfully passed the probationary period and received an invitation to the main team.

"When I auditioned with Astralis, I felt synergy with my teammates from the beginning; I think we get along very well already. I still can't believe that I will be playing against the best players in Europe, " said newcomer Astralis...

Dajor made his first appearance on the professional scene in the summer of 2021, joining Fnatic Rising. Together with the team, the player took second place in the Northern League of Legends Championship Summer 2021 and European Masters Summer 2021.

Throughout the trial period, the coaching staff were incredibly impressed with Dajor's quick adaptation to the complex concepts in League of Legends and his ability to compete on par with other candidates, according to a press release.

From now on, Astralis' League of Legends roster looks like this: