Riot Games has released an update for League of Legends

Riot Games never ceases to improve, improve and update its main brainchild, the MOBA game League of Legends. They released a massive update and now players will be playing LoL version 11.23.

The main innovation in the title is the Hemtech and Hextech dragons. They work by analogy with Baron Nashor and give bonuses to those who killed them.

Himtech dragon

Hextech dragon

New items

Circlet of the Shattered Queen

Evening veil

Chakram Axiom

Twilight Flame

Winter herald

Giant Winter

Items that have been changed

Frostfire Gauntlet

Aegis of the Sunfire

Void Mask

Power of nature

Eternal cold

Hextech Rocket Belt

Night reaper

Duskblade of Draktar


Hunter's Claw

Runes changes

Deadly pace

Ice build-up

Strike ahead of the curve