Match Prediction: HellRaisers - One Move | Dota 2

Eastern European Dota 2 is gaining momentum. Get ready for the 4th game day, which will present a full 3 matches.

The long matchday will open with HellRaisers and OneMove. The match is an important one, as both clubs started their journey to the tournament with wins.

HellRaisers approach the match with a 2-0 on the cards and the only winning streak. Last season the team managed to finish in the top 3, and in the new season the team is eager to repeat their success.

OneMove have already played 2 matches. So far the team shares the top 1 with HellRaisers, NaVi and Team Spirit, while having a 1-1 on the cards.

Let's find out who will prove to be stronger in this clash and whether HR will be able to push their rival back, strengthening their position in the top division.

HellRaisers form

We begin our review of the match with an analysis of HellRaisers' form. The club will be playing as favourites.

Bookmakers are confident in the success of HellRaisers. The odds on HR win in this match-up are around 3.

There's no reason to be surprised by that state of affairs. Last season, the HellRaisers already proved their worth, and there have been minimal changes since then, although there were some.

HellRaisers roster

The HellRaisers roster had a spotty replay before the start of the second round. "The Hellraisers have swapped a cary position player, and it seems that so far the substitution is playing to the team's advantage.

HellRaisers players

  • kiyotaka
  • MieRo`
  • Antares
  • Solo

Ramzes has taken the place of Daxak who left at the beginning of the cycle. The big-name player seemed to fit into the team judging by his first league game.

Before the start of the championship it seemed that Ramzes will pull the blanket over himself but so far he looks good. Solo and Ramzes have played together in the VPs before and have been quite successful.

Maybe it is time for a second youth?

HellRaisers performance

HellRaisers finished the first regular season 4-3. In addition to DPC, HR have played in outside tournaments from BB.

They played in the BB Universe: Episode 1 - Cosmic Zone. There they managed to make it through the group stage but didn't make it to the play-offs: HR crashed the first game in the top flight and then lost to Ooredoo Thunder in the bottom flight and left the event.

At the Lima Major 2023, the HellRaisers were placed in Group B. Nominally one of the weakest teams in the basket, they managed to win 7 out of 16 matches and then beat Geek Slate in tiebreaks, thereby qualifying for the main stage of the championship.

In the first round of the playoffs, HR faced their last match in the Lima Major 2023. Talon Esports beat their arch-rivals 2-0, knocking them out of the tournament.

With a renewed line-up with Ramzes at the caretaker position, HellRaisers successfully started the second round of the DPC. The team managed to win the first match against in a fairly confident manner.

HellRaisers heroes

The most chosen HellRaisers heroes were Enchantress (4 matches, 75% wins), Tusk (4 matches, 75% wins), Alchemist (3 matches, 100% wins), Crystal Maiden (3 matches, 100% wins), Legion Commander (3 matches, 100% wins).

In addition, like to use meth cairns, which suits Ramzes with his pool. Of these, Naga Siren (6 matches, 50% wins), Sniper (5 matches, 60% wins) can be noted.

One Move Uniform

Let's move on to an overview of One Move's uniforms. The team will play here in underdog status.

The odds of One Move winning the match remain, but they are small. Bookmakers estimate the possibility of the team to win by odds in the region of 3.

Given last season's experience, we can say that 3 to win the match against current HR is a perfectly workable situation. "Hellraiser" really perked up at the end of the Lima Major 2023 and seems ready to improve further, but things are not so simple with One Move.

One Move line-up

One Move's roster is made up of battling performers capable of putting up a fight against the big players in the local league. We have already seen that in the last match.

One Move players

  • Munkushi~
  • Ainkrad
  • AfterLife
  • Gilgir
  • pantomem

Who from One Move stands out on the minuscule side are the soppers. Gilgir and patnomem will be

One Move performance

One Move finished last season on top 5 of the DPC. The collective won 2 matches and 5.

One Move last round DPC managed to beat Darkside and Nemiga Gaming, which eventually led them to a replay for 5th place. One Move won those replay matches, further indicating the character of the team.

After DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division - Tour 1, the team took part in the Games of Future 2023 local tournament. Winning the four-team mini-event against the only at least somewhat serious opponent was no problem.

In the first match of DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division - Tour II, the team faced the underdogs of the tour - Hydra. The match ended 2-1 in favour of OM, but was quite difficult, with the first map won lasting 59 minutes and matchpoint 40.

In the second series, One Move played a much more serious opponent, Team Spirit. "Dragons" were stronger than One Move, but the latter managed to "bite" the champions of The International 2021, taking the second card with the help of the Abbadon cary.

One Move heroes

In patch 7.32 and in recent tournaments, One Move are playing methinks, but not without experimentation. Mirana (4 games, 50% wins), Rubick (4 games, 50% wins), Lycan (3 games, 66% wins), Storm Spirit (3 games, 66% wins).

Tiny (2 games, 100% wins), Ember Spirit (2 games, 100% win rate), Enchantress (2 games, 50% wins) appear in spades.

History of personal confrontations

The teams have played each other in the first season. Back then, HellRaisers defeated One Move with Daxak.

The outcome of the match

In this match I believe the HellRaisers will win. In this match, we will opt for a 2-0 win.

HellRaisers play pretty fast, using some pretty decent looking characters and resorting to some pretty risky strategies according to the new patch, like the unpopular Chen.

Solo's form has been pretty much cumulative and he's looking very chipper right now. Even his ranking speaks volumes about the captain's desire to improve and break into the top ranks.

One Move certainly knows how to dota and have been able to outplay Spirit on one map. This season, Spirit is not going well in drafts, which affected them in the series against OM, and I think the HellRaisers will not let their vis-a-vis go wild at the hero selection stage.

Bottom line: 2-0 win for HR.

According to leading bookmakers predictions, the team HellRaisers are the favorite with average odds 1.252 at the moment. Respectively, bookmakers consider One Move to be the outsider of the match with odds on a victory in the sum of about 5.229.

What the team performance statistics say

Last MatchesHellRaisers One Move
5 matches (wins)33
10 matches (wins)44

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents.

The competitors have held 2 matches.

In these battles HellRaisers got 1 victories while One Move managed to take 1 matches.