Match Prediction: Team Spirit - HellRaisers | Dota 2

The first game day of the last week within DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division will delight us with a very important confrontation. Team Spirit and HellRaisers will meet in a face-to-face battle.

For two teams, the match is more than fundamental. A trip to Lima Major 2023 is at stake.

HellRaisers will approach the match with 4-1 statistics. The team is shaky in second place.

Team Spirit, like HR, is on the second line of the standings. However, unlike HR, they have not lost a single series and have a score of 4-0, although they gave away more cards than HellRaisers.

The winner of the face-to-face meeting guarantees himself a sole second place until the next round at least. In addition, with a successful combination of circumstances, there will be a chance to compete for the championship in the tour.

We figure out which of the teams will be stronger and move the competitor to a lower position.

Team Spirit Uniform

Let's start the review of the match with an analysis of Team Spirit's form. They will play as favorites in this match.

Bookmakers confidently see Spirit as the winner of the match. The chance of their success is estimated by a coefficient in the region of 1.45.

Even after the transfer period, the faith in Team Spirit remains at a high level. In principle, it is supported by the performance of the team, but not everything is going smoothly here.

Team Spirit roster

Team Spirit has a new mid-laner and so far he is playing well. Not perfect, but good.

Team Spirit Players

  • Yatoro
  • Larl
  • collapse
  • Mira
  • Miposhka

Larl fit into the team and does not feel like a fifth wheel. He does his job and looks as good as TORONTOTOKYO, but not at the level of the player at his zenith.

Team Spirit Performance

Team Spirit played within the first division of Eastern Europe. There they outperformed all their counterparts at regular intervals.

In the first round of the DPC 2021/2022 EEU - Division 1 Team Spirit took first place, to then take second place at the DPC EEU 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division 1: Playoff. In between draws, Spirit took 4th place at GAMERS GALAXY: Invitational Dubai 2022.

In the middle of the year, Spirit visited the first major of the season - ESL One Stockholm 2022. There, Team Spirit took 9-12th place, which did not quite synergize with regional tournaments.

In the third season of the DPC EEU 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division 1. The decline has already begun, but Spirit quickly returned to service: 2nd place at the Riyadh Masters 2022 and a victory at PGL Arlington Major 2022 made Spirit one of the main favorites of the upcoming The International 2022.

The tournament itself turned out to be a total disappointment for the Dragons. Last year's champions flew to the TOP-16.

Before the start of DPC 2023, Team Spirit played BB Xmas Show. At the BB Xmas Show, Team Spirit reached the grand final almost without any problems, but lost in the decisive confrontation. Lost in the fight, with a score of 2-3.

Team Spirit's first encounter at DPC 2023 was a match against NaVi. Despite the nominal and actual advantage, Spirit lost the first map without a chance, but in the end they managed to close the series with a score of 2-1.

Then Spirit played against One Move. What was supposed to end with an unconditional victory for Spirit dragged on into a full-fledged b3 with a hassle, but a victory for Spirit.

In the third series, Spirit played against Nemiga. Another passing opponent, but another bo3 series.

The fourth game against Darkside followed the old patterns. The match against Ramzes' team ended on the third map, in favor of TS.

Heroes Team Spirit

The most frequent guest of Team Spirit picks are Rubick, Pangolier and Tiny. Characters appeared in 8 games, while winning 62% of the time.

Centaur is also extremely successful (7 games, 100% win rate), Enchantress appeared in 6 matches and won 5 of them, Clockwerk was picked 6 times with a win rate of 66%.

HellRaisers form

Team Spirit will be opposed by HellRaisers. Confront as an outsider.

Bookmakers don't really believe in HellRaisers, but they are in no hurry to bury it. Teams are given odds of 3.3 to win.

Such a figure is far from fatal, which gives confidence in the theoretical success of HellRaisers. You can believe in him.

HellRaisers roster

Last but not least, there are chances because of the HellRaisers roster. No matter how skeptical I was about him, in fact he turned out to be a worker.

HellRaisers Players

  • Daxak
  • depressed kid
  • MieRo`
  • Antares
  • Solo

From the top five HR, I would note depressed kid. It is not for nothing that the 18-year-old mid player has the status of one of the most promising players in the region and has been showing a high level of play for several seasons, and within DPC 2023 he looks like an HR locomotive.

HellRaisers performance

Before the big changes in the roster, HR won the second division of Eastern Europe and the local Last-Last Chance tournament. This was followed by changes and participation in the BB Xmas Show.

The tournament itself was sluggish for HellRaisers. The updated HR roster took second place in the group, after which, having won the series in the playoffs, they fell to the lower bracket, where Nemiga Gaming was eliminated.

DPC 2023 started with a match against Nemiga Gaming. HellRaisers got even with Nemiga for insults at the BB Xmas Show, winning the debut confrontation with a score of 2-1.

In the second game at DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division HellRaisers faced One Move. Solo's wards managed to defeat the weakest team in the division with a score of 2-0.

In the third series, HR faced the BB Team. Being the main favorite to win the season, BB confirmed their status without any problems by closing HR.

Then HellRaisers played against Then the bears were on a minimal rise after the victory over Darkside, but it did not help to overcome HR and they closed their counterparts with a score of 2-0.

In the previous match, HR played against NaVi. I couldn't find another word for this but “beating”: 2-0 in favor of HellRaisers and another shame for the “new era” of NaVi.

Heroes HellRaisers

The most picked heroes by HellRaisers were: Enchantress (4 matches, 75% wins), Tusk (4 matches, 75% wins), Alchemist (3 matches, 100% wins), Crystal Maiden (3 matches, 100% wins), Legion Commander (3 matches, 100% wins).

In addition, they like to use meta carries, which Daxak feels good on. Of these, Naga Siren (6 matches, 50% wins), Sniper (5 matches, 60% wins) can be noted.

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play each other in head-to-head confrontations. In the second and final match of the first game day of the last week, the teams will play their debut face-to-face meeting of the season.

The outcome of the fight

In this match, I expect a full-fledged bo3 confrontation. Several factors point to the likelihood of this outcome.

The first is team performance. In this match, two teams will play with virtually the same performance, which indicates their approximately equal level of play.

The second is Team Spirit. The team gives away maps against opponents of the One Move and Nemiga level, and therefore it is believed in their loss on one of the maps.

Result: total +2.5.

All bookmakers have agreed that Team Spirit is the favorite. This can be noticed because odds on them are 1.375. This number in the favor of HellRaisers amounts 4.486. Respectively, the last ones are the underdogs of the upcoming match.

What are the successes of the teams in the last games

Last MatchesTeam Spirit HellRaisers
5 matches (wins)42
10 matches (wins)96

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets. The competitors have held 14 matches. In these battles Team Spirit got 9 victories while HellRaisers managed to take 4 matches.