Match Prediction: Hydra - UALEIKUMNIHAO | Dota 2

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We continue our review of the DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division games with a betting tee on the Hydra vs UALEIKUMNIHAO match. Frankly, the encounter is fire!

Always wanted to watch games that don't decide anything? Here it is.

OK, let's leave the jokes aside. No matter how you look at it, the match does matter: it's a fight for Major , but not for everyone. In our case, it's more a match for the chance to stay in the top division.

In principle, Hydra seems to have a chance to climb into the top 3, but very slim. They'll probably stay somewhere in the middle of the standings, nothing more. But the UALEKUMNIHAO Kazakhs are another matter.

Let's see who'll be stronger in this game and earn important points on DPC 2023 EEU Upper Division Tour 3.

Let's get started.

Hydra uniforms

And let's start with a review of Hydra's playing form. In this match, they will play as favourites to win the encounter.

The odds of Hydra winning are estimated at 1.3. The bookmakers have decided the winner of the match.

How could it be otherwise? Hydra, although they do not shine with success, against the Kazakhs look like a top-1 team. Yes, everyone looks so against the Kazakhs, let it be a sin.

Hydra is difficult to boast of serious effectiveness, but it is, in contrast to UALEUKUMNINAHO. The team even won EPL Winter Holidays, like this!

Hydra have also participated and are participating in the DPC ecosystem. In the first round of DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division Tour 3 Hydra won the second division, and then finished in top 6 in the first league of the second season. They've stayed afloat ever since.

  • Hydra: dream, Worick, Cloud, Lil, HappyDyurara .

Lil joined the squad, but nothing has changed. Hydra is still floundering somewhere in the middle of the league table with no prospects for the future.

"Hydra were 1-3 at the Long Camp DPC 2023: EEU Division 1 Tour 3. Only managed to win the first match against Nemiga, and then it was an unmitigated gloom. One Move, BB Team and all lost. To be fair, the opponents are not easy, but who has it easy now?

Hydra's most popular heroes

Among the most chosen heroes are Tusk (38 matches, 73% wins), Beastmaster (33 matches, 60% wins), Disruptor (30 matches, 73% wins).

In addition, Batrider (21 matches, 76% wins), Keeper of the Light (19 matches, 84% win rate), Clockwerk (19 matches, 63% wins) play frequently.

Hydra are trying to play the meta, and in some places they succeed. I'm sure it will work in this match too.


Continuing with the parsing of the match form UALEIKUMNIHAO. In this match, they will play as an outsider. Who would have thought?

Bookmakers do not believe in the success of the Kazakh team. On the victory of the mix in this match give odds in the region of 3.

By the way, the odds are not that bad. This is rather a rock in the mud of Hydra, because playing against the absolute outsider, to win his game they give only 3 and not conditional 9, which will be in a match against conditional BB Team UALEIKUMNIHAO.

UALEIKUMNIHAO's only merit in the club's entire existence is their reaching the first division. To be fair, not every team can achieve this, which means they have a lot to commend them for.

Last round, UALEIKUMNIHAO finished second in the second division. They let Nemiga ahead of them, but it is understandable, they have experience of playing on an international stage and their players are well known in small circles. UALEIKUMNIHAO doesn't have any of those things, and DPC 2023: EEU Division 1 Tour 3 could be a good help in getting them.

  • UALEIKUMNIHAO: Palantimos, CHIRA_JUNIOR, Shergarat (Vladimir), b1kA, Mary_y .

UALEIKUMNIHAO had 4 defeats in the standings before Long. They lost to 9Pandas, Team Spirit, One Move and Nemiga Gaming. But there is a honeycomb in this barrel of tar.

Of all the series, UALEIKUMNIHAO looked the best against the league favorites 9Pandas and Team Spirit, where UALEIKUMNIHAO took the map. No matter what you say, it's an achievement.

The most popular UALEIKUMNIHAO characters

The most frequent picks for UALEIKUMNIHAO were Treant Protector (21 matches, 76% wins), Enigma (15 matches, 73% wins), Death Prophet (15 matches, 83% wins), Natures Prophet (12 matches, 83% wins).

There was also Undying (11 matches, 63% wins), Disruptor (10 matches, 70% wins), Rubick (10 matches, 60% wins).

We'll see how they'll look against another "average" player of the season. There's a chance to clinch the match if they play like they did against Spirit and 9Pandas.

History of head-to-head encounters between UALEIKUMNIHAO and Hydra

Previously, the teams have not played each other in official matches. This will be the teams' first head-to-head encounter.

Match outcome

Considering the level of play between these teams, I'd say it will be 2-1 in someone's favor. Although Hydra is the clear favourite with experience and better results than their arch-rivals, they don't look like the team to shut out the main underdogs of the tournament. In general, we'll wager either the total over 2.5 or +1.5 for UALEIKUMNIHAO.

Bottom line: +1.5 on UALEIKUMNIHAO.

Hydra are listed as the favorites of the match in the majority of bookmakers and odds on them are equal to 1.218. UALEIKUMNIHAO, in turn, are the outsiders of the match. Odds on their victory are about 5.4.

How the teams played in the last matches

5 matches (wins)12
10 matches (wins)36

Also it makes sense to remember the statistics of the matches between the teams. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 0 matches with each other. In these matches Hydra won 0 times, UALEIKUMNIHAO active consisits of 0 wins.