Infamous lost one player

Today, one of Infamous players, Enzo «Timado» Gianoli announced in his Twitter-account that he is no longer a part of Peruvian team.

Currently, there is no information where Timado will continue his career and who will become the last player to join Infamous in a new season.

Enzo Gianoli wrote in his Twitter:

«Thanks Infamous for this great experience, wish the best to my ex teammates. Ready for the new season»

Enzo protected the colors of Peruvian team since March 2017. Together with the team, he managed to take the first place in the qualifiers to The International 2017 in South American division. On the main stage of championship, Enzo with his teammates tool 13-16 place in the tournament table in the result.

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A current Infamous was formed on March 2017, and the captain, Renato «Kingteka» Garcia, joined the team on May. Except for 13-16 place on The International, Infamous managed to become one of top-8 teams in Galaxy Battles and The Final Match 2017.

Infamous roster:

Benjamin «Benjaz» Lanaos
Renato «Kingteka» Garcia
Farith «Matthew» Puente
Christian «Accel» Cruz