Match Prediction: Team Spirit - Team Liquid | CS:GO

Team Spirit and Team Liquid will meet in the semi-finals of the lower group stage of ESL Pro League Season 17. The winner will go on to compete for a ticket to the play-offs, while the loser will have to look for their chances in the Last Chance grid.

To be fair, Team Spirit are the kind of team that can shut down the Liquid, who themselves don't mind losing to a backyard team. Nevertheless, the Dragons always have trouble with morale, which they lack in such matches.

In any case, the North American team still leaves the impression of a toothless body, which managed to lose to the Chinese already at the start of the group stage. Come to think of it, but something like that is really possible.

In general, I wouldn't single out favourites here, as the fate of the match will be decided in small moments. Therefore here, on the basis of all the past games, I would take a closer look at the three cards and settle on this option.

Team Spirit Form

The fourteenth team of the world ranking failed in the group stage of IEM Katowice 2023, where they suffered two defeats from FaZe Clan and Team Liquid, spicing it all up with only one victory over the Germans from BIG.

Immediately after that the Russian team went to CCT Central Europe Malta Finals 1 where after beating Sprout also failed to make the play-offs, losing their matches against ENCE and Movistar Riders.

As for the start in the group stage of ESL Pro League Season 17, Team Spirit managed to crush Astralis and also lost to FORZE. All in all, the team is second to none in terms of potential, but they need to do something about their mistakes.

Team Spirit's latest results:

  • A 16-5 win over Sprout.
  • 1-2 defeat for ENCE.
  • 1-2 defeat to Movistar Riders.
  • 2-0 win over Astralis.
  • 1-2 defeat by FORZE.

Top cards for Team Spirit:

  • Overpass - 100% wins.
  • Anubis - 83% wins.

It should not be forgotten that the Russian team have consistently given up on the Inferno card.

Team Liquid form

The third team of the world ranking had a terrible showing back in the January BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, where they failed not only in the group stage, but also in the Play-In.

After that, the North American team managed to make amends at IEM Katowice 2023, scoring a few random, but very revealing group victories. Moreover, Team Liquid even made it to the semi-finals where they still lost to G2 Esports.

However, at the beginning of the group stage of ESL Pro League Season 17, the team immediately fell apart, managing to lose to Rare Atom. And while a win over ATK followed, the Liquid's shame never washed away.

Team Liquid's latest results:

  • A 2-1 win over FaZe Clan.
  • Victory over Vitality with a score of 2-1.
  • A 0-2 loss to G2 Esports.
  • Defeat to Rare Atom by a score of 0-2.
  • 2-0 win over ATK.

Team Liquid's best cards:

  • Mirage - 60% wins.
  • Overpass - 56% wins.
  • Anubis - 50% wins.

In turn, the North American team stopped playing the Vertigo card.

Team Spirit - Team Liquid match statistics

In the current season the teams have met once - Team Liquid won the group stage of IEM Katowice 2023 (2-1).

Team Spirit vs Team Liquid preview

Last time the teams played Nuke, Overpass and Anubis that will surely appear on the server again. Understandably, subjectively I highlight the Dragons, but objectively Team Spirit rarely lives up to the trust and simply floats.

However, the North American squad also has problems, who can now long be reminded of their defeat by Rare Atom. However, Team Liquid can come together in tough matches, and the upcoming one is one of them.

Therefore, based on the history of the teams and their past face-offs, I would recommend betting on Total on Cards 2.5 more.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in Team Spirit victory. Odds on them are equal to 1.476. According to bookmakers data, Team Liquid are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 3.948.

Team statistics in recent matches

Last MatchesTeam Spirit Team Liquid
5 matches (wins)23
10 matches (wins)45

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 5 matches with each other. In these matches Team Spirit won 3 times, Team Liquid active consisits of 2 wins.