Tricked Esports lined up a CS:GO roster

Not so long time ago we wrote that the main CS:GO roster had left the organization Tricked eSports and today the headship has represented new guys, who will protect the colors of the eSports club - ex-Team Singularity has changed its residence permit.

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The comment of the sports director of Tricked Esport:

«I'm happy to see Inzta back in Tricked, he has always been a pleasure working with and is a very dedicated player. We have tasted what it's like as an organization, having a Top 30 team in world, so that will be our main goal to get back in that position and not let it be just an aftertaste. This team has a very different approach to the game than our last, so we also have to try and align our training to get the best performance out of them. I don't think we have seen their true top level yet, and hopefully in our environment we can help them to grow stronger.»

Let’s remind that it became known in the beginning of May that the CS:GO roster had not got along with the headship about terms of the contract and had left the emplacement of Tricked Esports after the end of the old ones. It is worth to notice that the team kept their word and worked out their agreement until the last day.

The new roster of Tricked Esport:

Thomas «Ryxxo» Nielsen
Lucas «Lukki» Pilheden
Peter «Inzta» Kragelund
Mads «Console» Skovby
Ismail «refrezh» Ali