shox: «We were just not at the level»

We have taken an interiew with the player of the team G2 - shox but due to the loss at the group stage, Richard was laconic.

What are your thoughts about the new map veto system?

I don’t care. It’s fine.

What do you think about the playoff draw? Should it be changed? Because, for example, the quarterfinal match SK Gaming vs Astralis, everyone supposed that they would meet in the final.

It is normal because of the format. It’s just the logic.

You have lost. What has happened? G2 fans didn’t expect that.

We were just not at the level. That’s just pretty much that we didn’t deserve to get to the playoffs. We were recked like three times every loss we had. That just proves that we don’t have a level to go further in the tournaments. So we just need now to focus on what we want and how not to do it again.

Will you have some reshuffles after this tournament?

No, we will not.

What is your opinion about two teams that have scored 3:0 - Gambit and BIG? Did you expect that?

It was not really expected but they played a really good CS. These teams had time to have a good preparation, they just came well-prepared and they lead this area with how they play.

Who was the hardest opponent at this tournament for you?

We are the hardest opponent because we have been recked by self.

Is there any official information what does G2 plan to do after this tournament?

Now it is time for the vacation. I will come to practice in the middle of August.

And the final question. It is all about who will win the Major?

I would go for SK, playing against VP in the final